In our private liability insurance the circle of insured persons depends on the chosen tariff. We at Coya offer a single and a family tariff.

With our single tariff we actually only insure you as the policyholder. Your relationship status is not important here. The terms single or family tariff are symbolic for the number of insured persons. In the Single tariff only one person is insured.

The family tariff covers your husband/wife, your partner living with you (if registered with the authorities) and your unmarried children until the end of their professional training. In addition, the family tariff also offers insurance cover for all people living with you (to be precise, registered with the authorities at the same address).

This can be, for example: your married children, grandchildren, parents, parents-in-law, grandparents or siblings.

In addition to this, both tariffs also cover persons employed in the household for damage that they cause to third parties while carrying out their work, as well as persons providing assistance in an emergency. This includes, for example, gardeners, house, baby or animal sitters etc.