Coya's personal liability insurance covers the loss of keys owned by third parties, for example the keys to your rented apartment, to your workplace or to the clubhouse. 

Insured is the acquisition of a new key and, if necessary, the replacement of the locking system.

Please note that the compensation in the liability insurance is limited to the current value of the "item" (in this case the key/locking system). 

Similar to a motor vehicle damage, the injured party receives the amount of money necessary to obtain a comparable item (according to age, use, etc.).

The reimbursement at the new price can be arranged separately. 

Another important component for the protection of your home is the Coya home contents insurance, because it includes the house and apartment protection letter without extra charge. 

The Coya House and Apartment Protection Letter helps you in case you are locked out or have lost the key to your apartment and urgently want to enter it.

Just give us a call and our hotline, which is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, will organise the opening of the door in case of a claim.

We cover the costs of opening the door and a temporary lock up to a maximum of 500 €.