Coya is required to follow strict regulations to keep its customers safe. Such as keeping reserve capital available to pay out any expected claims that could result from 1/200 year risk scenario’s. Coya has chosen to reserve even more than this to be extra safe for our customers. The reserving policy you can find in our annual SFCR report. Needless to say, we are controlled and conservative when it comes to protecting our customers money.  Besides this Coya’s management and risk management needed to specifically qualify and be accepted by the BaFin (fit and proper requirements) to manage the business risks. Lastly, we have very strong partners, such as our highly respected investors and our reinsurer, who we transfer some of the risk we accept to. We work with Scor, a French reinsurer who is one of the top 5 reinsurers globally in terms of  its balance sheet. In short, you can trust that Coya has got your back.”